Why Establishing Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Injuries Is Crucial to Receive Compensation?

Using contaminated water to cook, drink, or bathe is detrimental to human health. Civilians, veterans, and their relatives who’ve stayed in Camp Lejeune between the years 1953 and 1987 know this better than others.  

By now, many of these individuals have been diagnosed with fatal ailments for being exposed to toxic chemicals in the region’s water. Some of the health hazards include fertility issues, birth defects, Parkinson’s disease, and cancers of various kinds.

To allow these individuals to be compensated for their pain and suffering, the U.S. government introduced the Camp Lejeune Justice Act (CJLA) in 2022. It enables people to file their lawsuits, and the deadline is August 2024. By now, several people have filed their claims and are disappointed because of the settlement delays.

In January 2024, Bloomberg Law reported that a federal judge had asked lawyers in the Justice Department to take additional initiatives to resolve the pending claims. Judge Terrence Boyle shared with plaintiffs and lawyers that it is indeed frustrating to realize that an enormous amount of Camp Lejeune lawsuits needs to be processed so that people in need of money get their compensation. 

There’s another layer of development that has taken place. Government lawyers stated that military service members and their relatives affected by the polluted waters should establish the exact cause of injuries to receive fair compensation.

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water

In this article, we will discuss this and what plaintiffs can do to get compensated.

The U.S. Urges Camp Lejeune Plaintiffs to Provide Evidence

The Camp Lejeune claims process is undergoing new developments to provide compensation to those who deserve it. TorHoerman Law states that the litigation for this at the Federal Court in North Carolina is progressing.  

There are new plans that are being enforced concerning the legal procedures for plaintiffs affected by certain ailments. February 26th marked the submission of various documents that aim to enhance the effectiveness of medical tests for particular plaintiffs. 

In February 2024, aboutlawsuits.com reported on the U.S. government lawyers who filed a response stating that it is essential for plaintiffs to establish the particular causation of their suffering and ailments.

On the surface, the filling appeared to contradict earlier statements that the lawmakers made–that is, claimants only need to share that they were exposed to the polluted waters during the contamination period.

The government will consider that diseases were a natural fallout of the tainted waters. Furthermore, the government would also understand that, since ample time has passed, it is complex to establish exposure to certain contaminants.

The Plaintiffs’ Leader Group doesn’t withstand CLJA’s context or history and has discarded this basic requirement that the plaintiffs in the toxic tort litigation should share specific causation. Government lawyers explained their reason for asking for valid evidence.

It is to ensure that the compensation only goes to people who have been harmed by the contaminated water and for no other reason, even if they stayed in Camp Lejeune during the contamination phase.

However, the plaintiffs have stated that the condition of specific causation will delay the litigation process. They also said that it was not aligned with the intentions set by President Joe Biden and the U.S. legislature when the CLJA was introduced. 

The plaintiffs had submitted a complaint with a request for jury trials for a Camp Lejeune lawsuit. As a response, the U.S. government filed a motion that revealed individual jury trials need not be organized to decide to claim value for every plaintiff.

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What Can Victims Do?

As the U.S. courts aim to manage their pretrial issues, the lawyers are preparing a small representative case group for the early bellwether trials. It should be ready to start by this year.

If you or anyone you know has suffered because of the toxic waters at Camp Lejeune, seeking legal help is necessary. Speaking with a lawyer and sharing your case details is essential to know whether you qualify for a lawsuit or not.

Since lawyers are aware of the fact that plaintiffs need to establish correct evidence for their claims, they will guide you accordingly.

It means you have to keep all your medical data, records, expenses, and health care data handy. Additionally, you can also keep track of physical changes that you experienced, backed up by a doctor’s prescription. You should also be able to provide residence proof to add gravity to your claim.

In conclusion, the health hazards caused by Camp Lejeune’s contaminated waters are life-threatening. From reducing one’s life span to affecting the quality of life, veterans have suffered immensely. However, it is now necessary for them to provide specific causation to ensure they are compensated rightfully.

For this, it is necessary to seek legal consultation with a lawyer and follow their guidance.

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