Snapchat Emoji Meaning – Find Their Hidden Meanings

Earlier when there was text messaging without emojis people lost their expression and the chat became sentiment less. But later many symbols were introduced representing human faces showing smile laughter happiness sadness confusion and many other expressions. These were called emoticons or emotion icons.

They were a symbol with a combination of special characters and alphabets that represented a shape similar to human expression. Later with the advancement of technologies and user interface advancement, these symbols were replaced by appropriate graphics that looked more expressive and were fun to use.

In layman’s terms, these Graphics images came to be known as emojis. Emojis became the best way to express your emotions in a chat. Mini social networking applications with chat feature provided the emojis for the users to make them express more in their words. Applications like WhatsApp Facebook Instagram Snapchat features tons of emojis that can be accessed by the user on their fingertips.

The most quirky among them is Snapchat because of its highly interactive nature along with lesser privacy concerns. It offers many friend list emojis that you can use to show your friends your current state of mind and how they make you feel. But as the apps advanced in terms of their features many new emojis were introduced which looked intuitive and amazing but their meaning was ambiguous and still, most of the people don’t know what these emojis mean. this article is a list of such emojis whose meaning is still unknown to many users are they just use the emojis because they look cool without actually knowing the purpose behind that emoji.

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Given below is a list of emojis that you might have used at some point while social networking just because they look cool but you didn’t know what they mean. So follow this list and find out which emoji suits which situation and use them smartly.

Snapchat emoji meaning

Now it is really common to wonder the Snapchat emoji meaning, trust me, you are not alone here. I too always wondered what do these emojis mean and signify. After a lot of research, I have concluded what do these emojis mean. So, I decided to share the meaning with you guys. So here I have compiled an article to explain Snapchat Emoji Meaning.

Snapchat Friend List Emoji Meanings

Friendship milestone showing emojis:

  • Quirky face:

This means that they have been sending you a lot of snaps but you haven’t been sending them snaps frequently. It means you are their best friend but they aren’t yours.

  • :-):

This emoji indicates that you have been friends on Snapchat and then sending snaps to each other. It interprets a good friendship or best friendship.

  •  Yellow Heart:

The Yellow heart also represents best friends but it also means that the friend has sent you more snaps than you have sent them.

  • Sunglass face:

It represents that you too have a mutual best friend and the three of you share snaps equally.

  • Fire:

It represents that you and your friend have been sharing snaps multiple times For several days continuously.

  •  100:

it represents that you and your friend has been sharing snaps for 100 days continuously without a break.

  • HourGlass:

The hourglass represents that your current emoji status will disappear if you don’t send a snap within an hour to your friend.

  • Pink hearts:

it shows that you have been number 1 best friend for a couple of months and have been sending snaps to each other consistently.

  • Red heart:

It says that you have been the number one best friend with a user for a couple of weeks in a row.

  • Babyface:

The babyface represents that your friendship has just begun or an infant’s face. if you have recently added a friend then the babyface will appear right next to them. 

  • Gold Star:

It represents that your snap has been view more than once by a user within 24 hours.

  • Gold sparkles:

If you and your friend are sharing a common group on Snapchat then this emoji is most likely to repair next to their name.

  •  Birthday cake:

If this is appearing on your friend’s profile then it’s time to wish them a happy birthday.

  • Red arrow:

The solid Arrow represents that an image has been sent as a snap and does not include any sound. it turns to White when the snap gets removed by the other user.

  • Blue Arrow:

its work is the same as Red Arrow but is used for textual snaps. it also turns from solid to White upon getting used by the user.

  • Purple square:

If you receive a video snap You will see a solid purple square and upon giving it will turn to White.

  • Red Square:

It works almost the same as purple emoji but is used for image snaps that you send it also returns from solid to write up on getting viewed by the user.

  • Blue square:

This emoji shows that you have received a textual snap and turns from solid to White as soon as you view it.

  • Interlaced arrow:

If you send a snap to a friend and this screenshot it then this interlaced Arrow shows against it. it’s a very interesting feature that ensures your privacy.

Snapchat also allows you to customize emoji to represent a specific meaning for Snapchat streaks. You can do so by following the steps mentioned below:

Change Emoji on Snapchat Streaks:

  1. Launch Snapchat and swipe down to see the settings option in your profile screen.
  2. On the top right corner, you will see the settings icon. Tap on it.
  3. Under the additional services menu here, tap on the manage button.
  4. You will see an option called friend emojis. tap on it.
  5. Here you will see a list of emojis with their meanings.
  6. Tap on any one of those emojis and customize it to display the meaning you want to. 

Official Accounts – Official Stories On Snapchat

Emojis like bomb, pear, folded hands, siren, cactus, crown, high-heeled shoe or any other emoji often appear next to Snapchat stories. Such Snapchat stories are used for officially verified accounts.

Snapchat emoji meaning

These custom emojis appear in official accounts only, showing that the account is verified.

These are some of the most commonly used yet not commonly understood emojis that Snapchat features. having the understanding of these emojis the user can access Snapchat to its full potential and see which one of their friends are their closest ones and also maintain the integrity and privacy of their personal life. Unleash the full potential of Snapchat emojis for 10 amazing social networking experience by understanding what an emoji means. If you have any more queries on trending apps and their updates, feel free to mention it in the comments section.

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