Facetime for Android Download [Latest Version 2019]

Facetime application, one of the best application used for communication to date. Facetime is a videotelephony product which was developed by Apple company in June 2010 for iOS devices. When Facetime messenger was released, it was one of the best application ever developed for free video an audio communication. Back in 2010 Apple released this application only for iOS and Mac devices and after a year Android platform suddenly started trending, everyone started purchasing Android device because it has many good features than iOS devices. After a few years Android devices were more into the Market so Apple decided to develop Facetime for Android devices.

Facetime for Android Download Guide

The same application, with the same interface, with the same name, was released for Android device. Facetime Android didn’t went hit because it used to lag a lot in Android devices but after a few updates it became stable. So do you want to download Facetime on Android latest version? In this tutorial, we will guide to download and install how you can download and install facetime app on your smartphone.

Features of Facetime for Android

  1. The application is totally free of cost. Now have endless video/audio chat with your friends and family.
  2. The application which was developed only for Mac and iOS devices is now available for Android and PC
  3. Use this application anytime anywhere to video call your friends. All you need is a stable Internet connection.
  4. Eats less Internet Bandwidth.
  5. The visual video quality of this application is FULL HD i.e 1080p and now soon they are going to release 4k quality update.
  6. User-Friendly Interface.
  7. The lightweight application which can easily run on low-end Android phones.
  8. The best advantage of Facetime application is the user can connect multiple devices at one time.
  9. It supports audio as well as video calls

Facetime for Android Download Latest Version

Facetime on Android Download is really easy, you just have downloaded it from our website and install the apk file in your phone and for that, we have written a small tutorial for yours. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Download Facetime Android application from our website or else you can simply open Google Playstore.

Once the application is downloaded, now you have to open Settings in your Android phone and go to Security and there you have to enable Unknown Sources.

Unknown Sources

After enabling Unknown sources, you have to locate the apk file which you have just downloaded.

Launch that apk file and it will show you, installation wizard. Tap on Install button and it will start installing.

You don’t have to follow the above steps if you are downloading Facetime application from Google Playstore.

Facetime for android


When you will Tap on install from Playstore it will automatically download and install this app on your phone.

Once it is installed you can simple Launch the application from the menu and login in with your Apple Id to enjoy Facetime on Android phone.

Facetime on Android

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So this is how we can download Facetime for Android app. It is simple, the application is lightweight, user-friendly and it will run easily on low-end devices, The app is way better than apps like Skype and Google Duo. if you face any problem while in between while following our tutorial then please let us know in the comment section and we will help you.

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