How to get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

We’ve all looked at an Influencer’s Instagram account and wondered, “How did they get so many people to follow them?” while most of us struggle with a 100 or few 100 followers. Even if for a day, you’ve definitely wanted to feel like a celebrity, right? Check out get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 minutes strategy.

With each post getting a minimum of 10k likes within minutes, it’s no wonder why certain influencers/bloggers/celebrities are chosen as brand ambassadors so easily. It’s like they didn’t have to work for it at all, with a dedicated team to handle all their social media affairs. Even if it seems like no work, getting a dedicated following involves a ton of behind-the-scenes work.

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. With a demanding day-to-day schedule, it is quite obvious that most of us don’t get the time to post frequently and maintain a feed. Whereas that meant a small following in the past, now you can easily spruce up your follower count, within even 5 minutes! Sounds crazy? Read on to find out how.

How to get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

Contrary to the popular believe that you need to spend money to get followers within 5 minutes, these apps make you do tasks such as following other people and liking other posts in order to earn ‘coins’ or virtual currency, which can then be exchanged to get followers and likes accordingly. But if you don’t intend to spend your time doing these tasks, you can also buy your followers.

These apps offer both these options, circulating only genuine people who will follow you and like your posts so that Instagram recognizes your growth as natural.

1) GetInsta

GetInsta has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store itself. Long gone are the days of traditionally gaining followers by posting new content, interacting and using hash tags. Now getting followers on Instagram is as easy as taking a walk in the park. The app certifies genuine following from real people, who will also interact with your content accordingly.

The app is available to download on both Android and iPhone devices. The app keeps your entire information safe and secure; you can trust us on this. The app has a 3.8 rating on Play Store, which acts as a measure of its creditability.

instagram followers
How to get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

The Android version of the app guarantees 100% real and free followers who will interact daily and save your account from any possible banning.

How to get the app to gain 1k Instagram Followers? (For Android users)

The app is available from the Google Play Store. Once you have the app installed on your device, you are all set to go. Just follow the steps given under.

  • Sign up for a free account on the app with the help of your email address and log into your newly created profile.
  • You will find an option to add the Instagram account on which you want your followers to show up. You can also enter multiple accounts to get followers on all those accounts.
  • To get followers on a specific account, you have to do your tasks from the same account. Doing tasks will help you in earning coins which can then be exchanged for followers. For example, if you follow 10 people, as asked, from your account you will earn 1000 coins. If you like 10 posts, you’ll get 200 coins.
  • By completing the tasks assigned to you, you’ll be able to earn more coins. Once the required number of coins is earned, you can easily exchange them for followers. Remember that these coins only act as virtual currency; they cannot be cashed out in turn.
  • By clicking on the Buy option present at the bottom, you’ll be able to get your 1k followers, that too without any form of account verification.

Increase Instagram Followers in iPhone – How to get the app? (For iPhone users)

The app is easily downloadable for Iphone users as well. The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices.

For iPhone users, wasting their time on doing these tasks is unnecessary. They can directly purchase their followers from the buy option present at the bottom of the screen. The followers are 100% real and they will represent real growth on your profile as they also do the task of interacting on your posts.

  • Install the app from the App Store and create an account using your email address.
  • Log in your account and find the buy option present at the bottom of the screen.
  • From there choose a plan and buy the required quantity of coins for getting 1k followers.
  • Go to the Get Followers page and exchange your purchased coins for followers.
  • You’ll find genuine people starting to follow you, that too instantly.

2) Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery follows the same principles in order to gain more followers. It is free and clean, requiring no personal data or verification of account. It uses the same methods of allotting tasks in order to earn coins which can then be exchanged for followers. It is important way for get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

The steps to get the app are easy and the followers are assured to be 100% real people.

How to get the app?

  • Download the app form . The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • You can easily sign up on the app with the help of your email ID to log into your profile.
  • Once logged in, the app offers hundreds of coins just by adding your instagram handle. You can exchange this on the ‘Get Free Followers & Likes’ Page to get your 1k followers or even more!
  • They also offer a gradual plan which gives you 20 followers every day for a month so that the growth on your profile looks perfectly natural.

Other than this free option, you can also directly buy followers on their website , that too on a budget. Here’s how to do it with Paypal:

  • Once you click on the link given above, it will redirect you to the official site. There you have to go to the Store option.
  • Add your Instagram handle (aka your username) and choose the second offer that gives you 500 followers with 500 additional free followers. Enter your Instagram username in the space provided, tap the “Next” button, and tap the “Buy” button.
  • As this is a doubling option, you’re getting double at the price of just one. So if you choose to get 1k followers, you’ll actually be getting a total of 2k followers.
  • After you select the desired quantity of followers, you will be redirected to the checkout page where you can choose your preferred payment option (Paypal in this case) and add your details. All you’re left to do is click on the “Buy Now” option. Your Instagram account will automatically get the mentioned quantity of followers you’ve paid for, all within a time period of 5 minutes.

Followers Gallery is a widely popular app that testifies to real and active followers who also interact with your content. The app owes its popularity to its services, it can be 100% free if you want it to be and still guarantee you the followers promised after just entering your Instagram username.

In case you’re looking forward to purchase your followers on a budget, this is the best app for you. Plans start at the nominal price of $16.98. That’s very affordable considering the fact that the followers you are getting are in no way bots.

More apps you can use to get your instagram followers that are also 100% clean are:

1) AiGrow

This is a reliable growth service and they employ a team of experts to help your Instagram account grow and have more engagement, all according to the niche your account specializes in. This is great for users who want to be Influencers/ Bloggers.

2) Growthoid




6) InstaBox.

7) InsBottle (iOS) / GetInssta (Android).

Wrapping up

If you’ve come here looking for instant gratification as claimed by the title of the list, it will be best for you to use the first two apps or the market favorites and  These apps offer transparent and instantaneous following, making it hard for Instagram to trace the source of your followers. These followers also interact with your content and what more could a person want?

If you are willing to start a career in Influencing, then it will be best for you to use the reliable growth service apps such as AiGrow and Growthoid.

All in all, we hope you’re able to select the app which you deem best for your reach. Whether you’re only doing this for fun or as a career option, we’ve mentioned all the options you can check out. May your feed be full of interaction.

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