Mediacom Router Login Guide – Default Username and Password

If you are using Mediacom Router then this article will help you to access the Mediacom Router Admin page. Here is a complete Mediacom Router Login Guide.

The Mediacom Router is one of the few devices that offer high-speed internet connectivity in the city and abroad. With the help of the Mediacom Router, internet connectivity is made possible within the users’ limited mobility and geographical limits. This device uses MPLS technology to allow internet access. To configure the Mediacom Router, you will have to follow the steps below: The first step is connecting your computer to the modem using the Ethernet cable.

Many local networks come under the broader umbrella of LAN (Local Area Network). These include networks at homes, offices & other compact spaces. So the gadgets that require to be connected with the web are connected with the help of a Gateway. The gateway is configured by accessing the Router. The point of confinement of a switch is that it channels the web traffic from “outside” to “inside”.

Mediacom Router Login Guide

Mediacom switches are pretty popular amongst independent ventures and people. Mediacom Home Network Manager is a user-friendly, optimized & simple to use manager. The greatest issue that clients may face is with respect to the Mediacom default switch login as it requires the accreditations and the IP address (URL) to get to the default passage page.

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Accessing your Mediacom router for login

Your router can be accessed through the following steps –

  • Ensure that your laptop is connected to the router using an Ethernet cable or via a Wi-fi connection.
  • Identify the IP address of the router. Most routers have a default address for the router login page, which is 168.1.1.
  • Open a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Once on the browser page, type – – to connect to a router.
  • Enter the administrative login information to authenticate and access the admin settings.
  • Enter Username, which would be your Mediacom ID.
  • The passphrase would be given as the default factory settings.

Routers are dispatched with default usernames and passwords. This is typically the word administrator or admin. However, it may be distinctive for your router.

In the event that you forgot your passphrase, you can tap on the “Overlooked Your Passphrase” and enter the email ID you utilized while setting up the record. When checked, you will get the new passphrase which can be used to log in.

In specific switches, you can likewise utilize the accompanying mix as default login accreditation.

For Mediacom – M-NTWRN(Mediacom Firmware)

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Issues while getting to your switch

1. Restart the switch.

2. Open an internet browser like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, and type in the switch’s IP address.

3. Restore your router to manufacturing plant settings, which reestablishes the router to its original settings.

4. Try deactivating the firewall.

5. Clear cache & cookies of your internet browser.

6. Use the IPCONFIG command on the command prompt while your PC is linked with the router.

Click the Start menu.

Type CMD.

Select CMD to dispatch the Command Prompt.

At the C:\> brief, type ipconfig, and press Enter.

Look for IP address before Default Gateway.

This address is your switch’s IP address.

Open a browser and type that IP address to log into the router.


I hope you find the Router IP Address of your MediaCom Router. If you are still confused with the process or don’t know how to access the router then comment below. We will help you.

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