How to Fix Mobile Network Not Available Error

Mobile Network Not Available is one of the most irritating and common issues of signal dropping. If you are an Android user, then chances are you are facing this issue for a long time. This issue is very common on devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S6, Motorola and other Android devices. Your mobile network could be Verizon, T-Mobile, Idea, Vodafone. It doesn’t matter which GSM Operator you have; you will still face Mobile Network Not Available Error.

There are loads of reasons that cause this issue on Android smartphones. Some common reasons are reduced signal strength, Roaming, Out of policy, etc. Many Android Mobile Phone users have allegedly experienced “Mobile Network Not Available” error message. Additionally, there are seem this error on other Android tablets. This issue appears to be a huge crisis in our lives.

Reasons For Mobile Network Not Available:

  • Congestion is possibly the common reason.
  • Weather is also a large reason when signals get disrupted.
  • Radio propagation and temperature.
  • Bad reception areas

Your company should have secure, solid systems to run on and you need to understand that things will work when they’re supposed to and at a sensible price. Network companies have failed to think of a fool-proof remedy to this issue, as lightning and thunderstorms aren’t in their hands.

Fix Mobile Network Not Available Error

It’s possible to use as many as five mobiles at one time with this technology. Smartphones perform an assortment of computing tasks, and along with your regular telephonic services, these are mini computers that are quite advanced today. Although the handset is sturdy, it’s pretty bulky.

Fix Mobile Network Not Available Error – Android/iOS

If you’re not able to connect to your network sometimes, your phone may assume your SIM card isn’t valid. On the flip side, 3G networks are more secured since they are directly related to the service provider. VoIP phones or broadband phone use the high-speed internet to operate and enable you to enjoy the identical quality of service provided by traditional phones.

Many people believe that the problem cellular network not available will solve itself. There are additional causes of issues, such as having registry errors and virus infections. You are going to be amazed to discover the remarkable shift in your PC’s speed and performance. Once you’ve done that, you then need to consider the time on your computer.

Solution 1: Remove Battery and SIM Card

Step 1: Power off Android phone.

Step 2: Remove battery and SIM card.

Remove Battery and SIM Card

Step 3: Wait for 5 minutes and then insert the battery and the SIM.

Step 4: Now power on phone and test your Mobile Network again.

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings

Step 1: Go to settings > Open Wireless and Network settings.

Step 2: Click on Mobile Networks.

Step 3: Go to Network operators > Select automatically.

Step 4: Reboot your phone and test mobile network again.

Solution 3: Check Network Manually

If automatic network selection, not works then select check network Manually option.

Step 1: Search for all the available networks around you and select your network operator.

Step 2: Restart your device and test again.

Solution 4: Airplane Mode

Step 1: Go to Settings > Mobile Networks.

Step 2: Find and enable Airplane Mode.

Step 3: Reboot your phone and again go to Settings and Turn off Airplane Mode.

Solution 5: Fix radio signal not being broadcasted

Step 1: Dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer for a testing menu.

Step 2:  Click phone/device information.

Step 3: Run ping test.

Step 4: Select GSM Auto (PRL) > Click Turn off the radio.

Step 5: Restart.


The above solutions are common solutions and working for many users. But after applying these above solutions, still, you are facing Mobile Network Not Available Error then there might be some hardware issues. To fix this issue,  you have to contact customer care.

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