Windows Host Process Rundll32 and Fix Rundll32 High Disk Usage

Your computer hosts essential program files that you may never see while browsing files including spreadsheets, accounts, and others in Windows Explorer. One method file, rundll32.exe, runs silently while in the history supporting applications assist you to manage your company productively. You don’t need to know much concerning the rundll32.exe file – you’ll probably never have to run it. However, just a little understanding of how it works might help you identify potential dangers to your computing experience. You may have seen Windows Host Process Rundll32 High Disk Usage issues in Windows 10. Do you know What Is Rundll32?

Windows Host Process Rundll32

Many users have started reporting Windows Host Process Rundll32 Has Stopped Working and Keeps Popping Up issues. Here in this guide, we will show you all the possible solutions for these issues.

Dynamic Link Libraries – Windows Host Process Rundll32

Many local Windows programs and third-party programs use the operation present in libraries surviving in the Windows System32 folder. These Vibrant Link Libraries simplify a software developer’s occupation and help save disk space. Because an application can easily execute a function that presently lives in your System32 folder, the application’s developers don’t have to create code to perform that function or include it inside the installation report that you download. Individuals who understand Windows internals may also run DLLs in the Windows Command prompt by writing “Rundll32.exe” and the title of the DLL they would like to run.

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Should you ever use Windows Task Manager to look at the procedures which can be working on your desktop, you might discover the rundll32 process. Some computer users might even wonder if their computers possess a disease once they see that DLL in the act list. The state Windows Rundll32.exe is secure and can’t damage your personal computer; there is no need to remove it or stop the procedure from running. Rundll32.exe is a vital Windows process that launches different 32 bit DLLs that dwell on your PC.


Virus makers can assign names to viruses they spread. This unfortunate ability makes it possible for them to mention one “rundll32.exe.” If your computer has a phony rundll32.exe process running, it will not appear in the conventional Windows System32 folder where one other DLLs reside. Viruses and other forms of spyware can compromise your privacy, take critical business data and damage files on your hard disk. Run an antivirus protection if you discover an activity that you believe is masquerading as the rundll32.exe DLL.

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Windows Host Process Rundll32 is a procedure which executes DLL’s and places their libraries to the storage so that they can be utilized more efficiently by applications. The program is important for that stable and safe operating of your computer and should not be terminated. Check and make sure that the particular rundll.exe is situated within the System32 folder. In that case, it’s the reliable Microsoft process; maybe it’s a disease.

Fix Windows Host Process Rundll32 has stopped working

  • First, ensure that your Windows is fully updated.
  • If you get the error when opening folders that contain video files, turn off thumbnails view and check again.
  • Open Control Panel > Folder Options > Always show Icons, Never Thumbnails
  • Try to remember, when did this error start popping up on your computer.
  • Was it after installing a particular program? If yes then remove it and reboot System and see if you are still receiving that error or not.
  • Open Computer > System Drive > Program files > Common Files > Ahead > DSfilter. Rename “” to say “”.
  • Also, rename “” to say “”
  • Reboot your system.
  • Maybe you could update or uninstall Nero software and see if it helps.

Hope you liked this guide on How to Fix Windows Host Process Rundll32 has stopped working, What Is Rundll32 High Disk Usage and Windows Host Process Rundll32 Keeps Popping Up. Comment below if you need any help.

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