15 Best Fast Charging Apps For Android 

Everyone always wants the service which is most convenient to them, understandably so. Correlating to this, the most run-of-the-mill, first-world problem that researchers have noticed is the need for a fast-charging phone. When you sit down and ponder about it, a life with fast charging phones would truly be accommodating. As the years are progressing, the supply of smartphones has spread like wildfire. It is dominating every class of society, from the richest to the oppressed. Slow charging has gradually become a global problem, and not too long ago, there existed no solution to this whatsoever.

Waiting hours just for your phone to charge only till a negligible amount will make you regret and irritated about all the time you spent accomplishing nothing. As surprised you may think after reading this, there is a solution to counter this particular problem: to use fast charging apps for Android or IOS, respectively.

What is Fast Charging?

To explain what fast charging is and how it works is simple, bite-sized words. It commutes Power as a result of current multiplied by voltage—the definition of Current the amount of electric charge transported by the voltage that drives it forward. So basically, multiplying volts with ampere gives the measure of power. So to make a device get fast charging, manufacturers or developing companies tend to alter the voltage to increase the amount of potential energy used to charge quickly. With this, we understand that — 3A/5V charging will deliver 15W of power.

Why do we need Fast Charging?

Fast charging is essential, especially during a time crunch or an emergency. You never know when you might need your phone, and the situation will worsen if you have a low battery, which is when you will desperately need a long-lasting and fast charging app. The prevalent myth, “fast charging will damage your battery, “ was debunked years ago. Unless there is a technical flaw ingrained in the phone, fast charging will not harm the battery.

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Some other advantages of having a fast charging app for android would consist of:

  • It promotes the use of batteries with increased capacities.
  • Debunks processes occurring in the background

It is possible to turn the background process off manually. Still, it is tedious, and it would be wiser to use the alternate method: install fast charging apps for android.

15 best fast charging apps for android

1. Fast Charging Pro

Fast Charging Pro

Fast Charging Pro is easily one of the first and most trustworthy apps to use if you are just beginning. It is not like the other cheap knock-off apps and has a legit and licensed use by NUOTEC studio. It has an array of modifications that tweak the system and protects it too. It gives off no unnecessary bells and whistles and offers what it has promised. Some exceptional functions include:

  • Accuracy in detecting current charge
  • The user does not need a CPU cooler or a booster which comes separate from the app.
  • Tracks charging speed and increases it
  • Can quickly eliminate disturbing functions
  • Deactivates apps that are currently not in use by the user

Truly one of the best choices for an app as it can track the speed down to seconds. It can also influence the temperature of the android while charging since overheating damages internal components drastically.

2. Fast Charger – Charge Battery Fast

Fast Charger - Charge Battery Fast

Fast Charger, developed by ECO MOBILE VN, can supervise the phone’s functions without the user being present. It has a very understandable user-friendly interface design.

Actively taking feedback, the app still undergoes updates till today. With just one optimal click, the app can do wonders, from handling the internal functions to boosting the charging speed, etc.; it compatible with all kinds of retro devices as well, not only with Android smartphones.

3. Ultra-Fast Charger: Super Fast Charging 2021

Ultra Fast Charging apps

Although only working on Android version 5.0 or higher, it covers all the essential functions but performs them effectively. Being a lightweight app and requiring a lot of GB to install, it provides tasks like:

  • Cancels background functions and working of apps in the absence of user
  • Extends battery life along with the speed of battery charging
  • Visually appealing interface and color palette
  • Free of cost, it just requires few requirements to provide results effectively.
  • Controls battery temperature as well to avoid damage

4.Super Fast Charging – Charge Master 2021

Super Fast Charging - Charge Master

An efficient and quick app is a free application that extends the battery life. It is just one click and optimal and has lots of highlights like complete battery charger reminder to prevent overcharging, smart charging with only three steps, supports more than 20 languages, etc.

5. Battery Turbo Charger – Charge Optimizer

Battery Turbo Charger - Charge Optimizer

A simple and free app widely used annually, this is an excellent choice as well. It helps reduce waiting time for charging and can effectively change optimal settings like brightness, sync functions, etc. it is a fully automated application that can be removed and restored according to the user’s convenience.

Although only accessible to a few versions of the android device, it can be beneficial and can cause great convenience when put to use.

6. Charge Battery Fast – Fast Charging

Charge Battery Fast - Fast Charging

Developed by the Wifi Hotspot And Fast Charging Studios, it is the best application to use for mobile users to boost their charging speed with one click. It can quickly turn off all background applications and their respective services and then turn off all unnecessary connections and functions being carried out in the absence and inactivity of the user.

Some highlights are:

  • Supports 99.9% of android devices
  • No advertisements or such distractions

7. Green Battery

Green Battery

The Green battery was developed by Wafer Co and is the most underrated one so far. It aids its users in saving their device’s power. It has several functions which have made its operations perform with their maximum potential. It has various advanced settings and also has a customizable mode to adjust to the users’ needs.

It also works as a powerful cleaning tool. It consists of a fire-wire-type battery and valuable on all rooted devices.

8. Fast Charging 2021

Fast Charging 2021

Fast charging 2021 is the ultimate tool that provides rapid results. It can boost the charging speed by 20% to 40% and automatically perform its functions once the plug is inserted. It detects the power consumption and actively begins doing its task. Some of its hits are:

  • It displays the battery capacity
  • It has a user-friendly UI
  • Automatically turns off Bluetooth

9. Fast charger – Fast charging, Battery Optimizer

Fast charger – Fast charging, Battery Optimizer

Also known as Toolbox’s mobile – fast charger, it is an application that “increases charging speed, optimizes battery usage and extends battery life.” however, what makes it different from the rest? Some of its unique features include:

  • Straightforward application interface. Just download and launch and the app is technically advanced to initiate its functions.
  • Free of cost, no internal charges
  • Compatible with all types of android devices

10. Battery Saver DU

Battery Saver DU

Battery Saver Du is developed by US APPFU and is a free-to-use, less complex, and powerful application. It prevents apps with one faucet, speeds up your connection, and increases speed drastically.

Its most notable features are:

  • Convenient Power-Saving gadget
  • It has a feature called Battery Cooler Feature, which disables heat-producing apps.



It is the ultimate tool to improve the performance of your android device, as it performs “tricks.”

If you are trying to stay connected without the loss or consumption of the battery, it gives you the ability to form small connections and contains various pairs of desktop widgets.

12. One-Touch Battery Saver

One-Touch Battery Saver

A cut above the rest app contains the feature to activate “power saving mode” when the battery is meager. It includes a pair of desktop widgets and can immediately inactivate WiFi, Bluetooth, or other sync features.

It also consists of a self-customizable mode to make it more picturesque.

13. Autorun Manager Pro

Autorun Manager Pro

An app developed by SteelWorks works with all sorts of devices, like rooted devices or unrooted devices. The pro version contains lots of various functions and has no advertisements or anything too distracting. It saves precious battery and also saves CPU life.

It also has features that alarm you when your phone is overcharging.

14. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

Developed by Battery Doctor Team, it is a very accommodating app. It is a free battery-saving app and makes your batteries last very long. Some of its renowned highlights are:

  • App Monitor

Has its very own monitor prevent consumption

  • One-Click Optimization

One click can solve all your battery problems instantly.

15. Fast Charging Pro

Fast Charging Pro

This application provides a longer battery life and boosts speed as well. Its features include:

  • You can activate its fast saving mode right after launching the television
  • Displays android charging widget on your display page
  • Features an intelligent charging screen saver
  • It can function even with the users’ inactivity in the background.

Final words

All these apps are regularly updated until today, so they can fix any glitches or bugs by addressing this to the customer support service. They are all trusted websites that provide features that constantly make it better and better.

Hopefully, you found this informative and helped you make a decision.

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