Applications Like IMO in 2021 – Best IMO Alternatives

IMO is the best instant messaging app for mobile phone users to keep in touch with family and friends through IMO? IMO is currently one of the world’s leading video calling and messaging applications that connect thousands of people worldwide. The best thing about IMO is that it’s compatible with nearly every mobile phone so there’s no tension of compatibility issues and then there’s an easy text and calling technique. If all your buddies use IMO, you don’t pay for SMS plus calls just because IMO will allow you to deliver unlimited SMS and infinite voice or video calls free of charge. There are no IMO charges. For the additional internet, there is no extra charge over the pocket. users, which are also free.

Best IMO Alternatives in 2021

IMO is the best way to make high-quality voice calls as well as HD video calls with anyone on the globe. In addition, the group chatting system is also the IMO section that allows its users to create the groups they want, after which they start by sharing images, videos, and stickers to indicate their selves. IMO allows pics and videos to be shared with friends and family in one tap and I guess you are here looking for IMO alternatives, you are in right place, in this article ahead we are going to list some of best apps like IMO based on our usage.

Telegram Messenger – Best IMO Alternatives


Telegram is a fast and secure text app and it is also one of the best IMO alternatives. Telegram is an application that is super, fast and straightforward, safe and free. Telegram synchronizes easily with all your devices and can be used on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You can send countless messages, pictures, and videos.

TangoTango app

Tango makes free phone calls for voice and video. Send and share free text messages, photos, videos, and status updates. Swipe user profile cards or join a well-known conversation to create close and distant new friends. To get in touch with people, more than 300 million people use Tango.


Just recently, Skype joined its contacts with aged MSN or Hotmail accounts and their contacts, linking you to some long-standing friends. Skype isn’t just a powerful free calling method. It also allows text messaging with your contacts.

Hike MessengerHike Messenger IMo Alternatives

Hike Messenger is an instant communication application for multi-platform smartphones with a discussion policy for internet data packages. Hike Messenger is an app for voice and text messaging. In addition, there is also a comprehensive system for sending graphical stickers, pictures, videos, audio, files, voice messages, emoticons, 3d stickers, sharing contacts, maps among others.


LINE subscribes to its database your current contact number that allows you to connect to your LINE customer contacts. The advantage of LINE is that by using a PC or Mac OS program you can respond to messages.



Nimbuzz is an instant chat and calling message. Nimbuzz’s two main functions are a free discussion between Nimbuzz and Nimbuzz users plus low-cost calling at mobile and landline numbers.



WeChat has become China’s most popular messaging apps. Just like your WhatsApp registration, you simply start by entering your phone number. The confirmation code will be provided by an SMS. To make it easier for people to see you, you can connect your Facebook and email account.



After signing up for a free account, KakaoTalk Messenger also uses your smartphone number to provide you with a 4-digit confirmation code. It then apparently passes your contacts to look for other users of KakaoTalk, similar to exactly how it is done by WhatsApp.


groupme app

GroupMe provides services to individuals wishing to chat in a team. You sign in and confirm your phone number by sending an SMS using a code to the number provided. What makes this application special is that it facilitates group text messaging via SMS.



WhatsApp Messenger is available for iOS, Android, and other mobile phones as a messaging application. WhatsApp uses the Internet connection of your phone (as available, mobile data or Wi-Fi) to communicate and call family and friends. To send and receive messages, calls, pictures, videos, and voice messages, switch from SMS to WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the world’s largest social platform that provides both iOS platforms with a Facebook Messenger app and Android has been around for some time now. It will connect you to most of the friends you want to get in touch with.


How to Delete Kik Account Temporarily and Permanently

After selecting a unique username to allow other users to find you, you register on Kik using your current email address. The application is very easy and the delivery of messages to people or groups is an excellent job.


Threema app

Threema is the preferred safe messenger in the world and also keeps your data from the hands of cyber-terrorists, corporations, and government authorities. Threema can be used completely anonymously, offering a rich set of features. Threema is an app that provides end-to-end security for individuals who are concerned about privacy.



Just like WhatsApp, Viber is only because it uses contact numbers for mobile phones to recognize people. Using SMS text messages, you receive an access code forwarded to your mobile number. Then you will get your address book to see if all your contacts have a connection with Viber.


Hangouts - BBM - Best Video Calling App for Android

Google Hangouts is the latest addition to the world of texting. Hangouts is a cross-platform text messaging provider that brings together the standard Android application in every Google account on the planet and includes SMS implementation.

Blackberry Messenger

BBM - Best Video Calling Applications for Android

Instantly Blackberry Messenger provides you with family and friends through instant chats, voice calls, picture sharing, voice notes, and much more. Blackberry messenger used iPhone, Android, and Blackberry to chat with friends.

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So this was all about IMO Alternatives, we haven’t used all the applications listed above but we have used apps like telegram, messengers, hangouts, and many more which resulted really good. These apps like IMO are secured and encrypted and the best part is, it is available for Windows, Android and iOS. If you have any problems while installing it on your PC or Phone then please let us know in the comment we will help you.

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