Guide to the Druid Class in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has been in open beta testing for quite a long time and soon all bugs and shortcomings will be fixed, and the game will receive its full release, for which fans of the series should be ready.


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The fourth part of the cult Diablo will continue the setting and gloomy RPG with updated graphics and canonical and thematic tasks, so beloved by the players from the second and third parts.

Druid In Diablo 4

Who is a Druid in Diablo 4?

The Druid is a combined class that combines the power of nature and the ability to control animals and use spirits to transform themselves into one of them and use its powers and abilities.

It should be understood that the Druid is an interesting class that can fight in melee and ranged combat and use various animals and their strength to fight opponents.

Uses the spirit parameter, which must be accumulated and spent to transform into the desired type of animal, use melee and ranged combat skills, and summon creatures to fight on your side.

The system is designed in such a way that the character will change into the desired form to perform a specific attack and turn back when completed. This approach is especially useful for beginners who have not yet figured out the specifics of the available skills for each skin and may lose speed in making decisions.

The specifics of the attacks are variable, but in general it depends on physical damage and the use of lightning and poisons as the main attacks for dealing damage.

The basis of development will be not only the parameter of the spirit, but also its pumping.

It will allow you to turn into one of four creatures, with special skills for each of them:

  • Deer
  • Wolf
  • Eagle
  • Snake

They will grant mobility, the ability to inflict poisons, activate the use of lightning and the ability to fly up and attack with claws.

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Diablo 4 Druid

Categories and type of skills that the Druid has in Diablo 4

  • Initial skills – skills and abilities that do not differ in strong damage, but they are important for the accumulation of the spirit parameter and the imposition of negative effects that weaken the enemy and periodic negative effects.
  • Core Skills – The skills that your main builds are based on are often based on the use of your forms and constantly consume spirit to use the key skills of the Druid. The system will automatically change appearance to apply the necessary skills.
  • Defensive skills are skills that help to protect the character in battle and impose negative effects, such as a slowdown, or vice versa – restore health to you and your subordinates.
  • Wrath skills are various skills aimed at strengthening your pets and allies that are nearby. If in the process of leveling and strengthening the hero you manage to find and use useful items to accelerate these skills and increase their level, then you can achieve a real effect from a support mixed with an attacking potential.
  • Skills from companions – skills that allow you to summon allied creatures that will fight on your side. The main focus of summoned pets is to strengthen allies and weaken enemies, as well as dealing damage with the type of attacks that depend on the class of the creature. Poison, bleeding, and lightning damage can be applied. The power of the summoned creatures can be additionally enhanced by high quality equipment and special sets for the Druid class – their advantage is a significant increase in the characteristics and skills of the class, depending on the number of items from the sets that you manage to collect. Such items are randomly dropped from monsters and bosses and are affected by the chance of finding magic items.
  • Ultimate – special skills that open at the final stage of pumping and are selected depending on the chosen branch of the hero’s development. Often these are skills that either deal heavy damage but have a large cooldown, or buff or weaken allies and enemies, respectively, by significant values.

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In addition to general skills, there are also talents.

Talents are special passive or active skills that affect the overall potential of the druid and change the overall gameplay depending on the chosen path of development of the hero.

The Druid has talents for summoning creatures that will fight on his side and attack and impose negative effects on the enemy, or magic spells that will deal damage with their own hands and skills that will strengthen your allies, but require a change of appearance.

The Druid himself can not only rely on the power of animals – the Deer, Wolf, Snake and Eagle, but he himself becomes part of the animal world turning into a bear, or a werewolf.

These appearances, similar at first glance, have a number of significant differences and directions, but as we have already indicated, the system itself will change appearance depending on the chosen skill and the need to apply it.

The bear is the image of strength, you become a formidable beast with strong blows and strong protection, but the reverse side of the medal is speed. The bear is slow and clumsy, so it is difficult for him to reach long-range and maneuverable targets.

Werewolf – the appearance of a large wolf, on the contrary, cannot boast of strong attacks, but it has a high potential in speed and maneuverability – it will not be difficult for him to catch up with almost any target and inflict damage from bleeding and fangs.

You will be able to fully combine your appearances and attack along with all the summoned animals.

The bear is great for bosses and large targets, while the werewolf is good for clearing the area when there are a lot of monsters, and they are all far from each other and periodically deal long-range damage.

Do not forget about negative effects and periodic damage – when meeting with a strong enemy, you can choose a maneuverable tactic – impose negative effects on the target and run away from it, avoiding damage and letting bleeding and poison do their job.

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