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You may have used or know about App Store in Android, and from that point, you may download Kik for PC too. So, now you can sign in to and use Kik online without having to install any additional software on your computer. The Internet is something which connects people from all around the world.

Kik Is an intuitive application that is used for messaging purposes. Being available on Windows/MAC/android platforms, having the application on all devices is possible. Thus, if you are looking to download Kik messaging app on any of your computers, then follow the enlisted steps given below to get started with KiK messaging app on your computer. ‘Let’s take a look.

KIK Messenger goes together with Whatsapp. Even though there are several more ways in which you are able to use KIK messenger for PC, and should you know about them, then tell us about them via comments below. He is being used by millions of people out there and it can only be used with smartphones. He or she is one of the most reliable chatting applications for your PC, which is a free application that attracts most of the smartphone users.

In the world today, it is crucial to switch to Kik messenger as chat has come to be the main source of information and communication. Kik Messenger is among the excellent and rapid instant messaging application for many of your devices. He or she is one such messenger application platform that lets you establish instant communication with people from all over the world.

Kik for PC – Kik Messenger Download

Kik is not available for Windows officially but you can download and Install it using Android Emulators called Bluestacks. Yes Bluestacks is one of the best Android Emulator for Windows that allow users to Download and Install Kik for PC.

Kik was primarily designed for mobile users but later soon developers will launch its Windows and Mac Version of Kik. If you want to Download Kik for PC now then this article can help you. To have the ability to download your favourite Android applications, you can start by downloading an emulator like Bluestacks. Downloading and installing the emulator is not going to take 10 or more minutes. Foremost issue is to obtain an android emulator. There are several Android emulators available out there over the net and you may use any of them to utilize Kik messenger for Windows.

1.  Download Android Emulator Called Bluestacks for Windows.

2. Once Downloaded, install it and then sign in to your Google Account.

3. Once done, open Google Play Store account and then search for Kik.

4. Select the App and Click on install.

5. Wait for the installation and once done, open the App and sign up.

6. Once done, start using it.

Kik app is a multi-platform App, and so it is easy to chat with anyone regardless of the device and platform the recipient is. The Kik app is also readily available for the next devices.

Alternate way to Use Kik on PC

Android emulator.

If you wish to get the KiK messaging application on your computer utilizing an android emulator, then follow the simple steps given below.

  • Step1 – download an android emulator.

An android emulator is nothing but a gateway for running all types of android application on the computer system. ‘It’s a software that helps in running the android application successfully. Thus, allowing to avail an android experience on the computer system.

  • Step2 – download and run the KiK application.

Once you have downloaded an android emulator, then download the Kik application form the play store and run it as you would on your mobile phone and the user interface is same as that of what you would get on a mobile device.

But for those that might be confused as to which emulator to download, then there are a couple of options that are available that one can download for free. A list has been given below.

  • Blustacks.

Blustacks is the most profound emulators that can be used for PC and MAC. It is entirely free to use and provides a comprehensive take on using an android emulator.

  • Genymotion.

Same as blustacks, it offers some immersive take on providing a comprehensive user interface that can run Kik messaging application effortlessly.

  • Andyroid.

This recent iteration of an android simulator is getting a lot of fame. It runs on both MAC and windows. With its powerful features, one can expect some exciting usage experience with this software.

Detailed step in using Kik messaging app on your android emulator

For those that might have some issue regarding the overall usage of how one can use the KiK messaging application on the android emulator, then a detailed guide has been enlisted below.

  • Step1 – install bluestacks or any other emulator that you wish to use.
  • Step2 – Open it. Often there will be a shortcut on the desktop, or you can find it in the settings under the installed application option.
  • Step3 – download the KiK.apk file for computers.
  • Step4 – after it finishes downloading, you will see the file has a bluestacks logo on it. opening it will automatically open blue stacks, and Kik messaging app will start to run.
  • Step4 – or you could right-click on the downloaded file and open with bluestacks.

Running KiK messaging application online

Often, for those users that might be having issues downloading an android emulator due to low bandwidth connection or internet connectivity problem, they can use “Manymo.” ‘It’s an online way of using Kik messaging application. For those aspiring to do so, they can check out the steps given below.

  • Step1 – head to the “Manymo” website and choose the option of opening a new account. Choose the account that you wish to have and proceed with the displayed set of instructions.
  • Step2 – once you have created your account, then there is no need to download any software to run the KiK app.
  • Step3 – after which use the KiK.apk file that you might have downloaded and open it using Manymo. Upon doing so, the webpage will open up a new tab where you will see the online emulator would be running Kik messaging application.

Conclusion: Hence, for those people that are will use the KiK messaging application, then ‘it’s a versatile application that provides a lot of flexibility to your chatting experience. Hence, the above-given steps provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to download Kik messaging application on your PC or MAC for free. The messaging interface is undoubtedly the simplest. The easy interface of the Kik app is intended to be user-friendly and thus gives you the real-time conversations without difficulty. To use all the salient features of Kik app, you have to be a registered user. With over 150 million active users, Kik messenger is just one of the most popular immediate messaging apps.

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