How to see Instagram Private Account Posts

We’ve all experienced the frustration of not being able to see a particular person’s account on Instagram, just because they’ve turned their account into a private one. The message “This account is private” has irked millions and if that was a category on Youtube, it would’ve been the most disliked one. But now, there are various means to view Instagram’s private account posts, ethical and unethical.

The unethical means of viewing a private account on Instagram involves the usage of third-party apps. We say unethical because a private account is made private so as to not let unknown people creep on their personal accounts. Though this is definitely a breach of privacy, it isn’t illegal to view a private account using third-party apps. The most Instagram can do is throw you off their app, but you definitely won’t be in jail.

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through both the ethical and unethical ways to get viewing access to a private Instagram account. And in case you do end up using the unethical ways, well…let’s just say we didn’t see you there.

Instagram Private Account Posts

Ways to see Instagram private account posts

1) Sending a follow request.

Sending a follow request is the most ethical way of viewing a private account’s posts on Instagram. If the person deems you unproblematic enough to accept your follow request, then you have unrestricted access to view his/her profile. Before using any third-party applications to view a private profile on Instagram, please make sure to send them a follow request.

2) Making a fake profile.

This process also involves sending a follow request, but from a fake profile so that the owner of the private account will have no means of tracing your identity. If you want to view a private account on Instagram, but you don’t want to reveal your identity to them, then this is the best method to use.

Usually people end up using this method when the person whose posts they want to view is actually someone they know in real life. But they might also not succeed if the said person doesn’t accept requests from unknown people.

3) Finding out their mutual.

Once you click on that one account you’ve been wanting to check out, you will be able to see which of the people you follow also follows them. This is displayed at the bottom of their Instagram bio.

 If you’re friends with those people, you can ask them to share screenshots of the private account, or you can ask them to share their account with you for a particular period of time. This is a pretty foolproof method.

4) Checking out their other social media.

If you’re trying to find that certain someone on Instagram, and they end up having a private account, then you can check whether they have other social media. Usually people have more than one social media accounts such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter etc. You can definitely find some information about them, or see some of their photos on their other social media.

5) Search on Google.

Usually when a person has made their profile private, Google still must have a library of the posts they made when their account was still public. This works for other browsers such as Safari etc. as well. If you’re just looking for posts then this might be a good method to see them.

6) Using Third-Party Apps.

We recommend this method only if you’re desperate enough to see the posts of a private account. We would ask everyone to use this at their own risk as this can definitely land you in some risk (if not major) and can end up in you getting banned from the application.

Some websites you can try out for viewing private Instagram account posts are:

  • (for iPhone users)
  • (for Android and PC users)
  • Going to and using the Instagram++ extension (for both iPhone and Android users)
  • Using and the UnlockPrivate app (for both iPhone and Android users)

The guides for using all the above mentioned third-party apps are easily available online. Please do not resort to third party apps unless it is extremely necessary to view their profile on Instagram.

Conclusion– To conclude we would like to say that it is the safest to use ethical methods for viewing a private account on Instagram. We hope you found the information you were searching for.

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