Here Are Some Great Snapchat Private Story Name Ideas

We always face problems while setting a name for our Private Stories on Snapchat. It is so hard to find a suitable name for our Private Story that will be captivating and charming at the same time. Oftentimes, you feel like your friends have the best of both worlds as theirs always seem to catch your eye. It’s time to end this feeling as now you wouldn’t have to worry about a nice Private Story Name. Specially curated for you, here’s a list of all the possible Private Story name ideas we found on the internet.

But before we start on our quest for the perfect Private Story Name for your Snapchat profile, it is appropriate to familiarize our readers with the concept of Private Stories on Snapchat.

What are Private Stories on Snapchat?

Private Stories are those stories that are only visible to your friends. It can be a video or a photo. You can also invite a bunch of people to see your Private Stories on Snapchat, they also receive an alert every time you post a new story.

They usually last for a time period of 24 hours but you are free to delete them before the automatic deletion. Thus as the name suggests, this story is pretty exclusive and only visible to friends and approved followers.

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How to choose a name for your Private Story on Snapchat?

Usually, you would want to choose something that summarizes your true self or what you were feeling at the time you put up that story. But you also want to make it look effortless, right? Depending on your mood, the name of Private Story can be something flirty, funny, savage or unique. As your Snapchat Score is also dependent on the engagement on your profile, you must also want something that will encourage others to see and reply to your Private Story, or even send you a snap back.

Now, wanting all of that means that you have to put in a lot of work into your name. Here are the names you can put up based on your mood for the day. Maybe looking at these can also inspire you to write some of your own!

Private Story Names

Funny Names

  • Enough for today.
  • Brain cells gone, only story.
  • He who must not be seen.
  • Here again?
  • Stop and stare at my face for 5 secs.
  • Hungry for trouble.
  • The gold from the scrap metal.
  • How not to behave.
  • Cry for attention.
  • C’mon, snap me back.
  • The makings of a story.
  • “Whatever” with a smile. 
  • Biggest troublemaker in town.
  • Don’t sit with me.
  • Goodbye to boring stories.
  • Your neighborhood content creator.
  • So much for being a Snapchat Celebrity.
  • Perfect needs me.
  • Cup of Sunshine.

Feel Good Names

  • Candy face.
  • Here for a good time.
  • You see my beautiful face?
  • Hope among chaos.
  • Gloomslasher smile.
  • Pocketful of Sunshine.
  • Kill em’ with kindness.
  • Some “me” time.
  • No filter face.
  • Love to hang out.
  • It’s all smiles now.
  • Happiness isn’t always easy.
  • Find your own dose of sunshine.
  • Good soul in my feet.
  • Happy like I’m meant to be.
  • Where’s that pretty smile?
  • A cup of Chamomile tea.

Dope Names.

  • Started from the bottom, now I’m here.
  • You can’t dull my sparkle.
  • I’m just here to look cool.
  • Boss Time.
  • Whoopee Woman.
  • Daily GaGa.
  • The darker the shades, the better.
  • No shade, but that looks pretty shabby.
  • I’m sorry not sorry.
  • Cool everyday.
  • Watch me bring the fire.
  • Don’t care about you.
  • Out here livin’ my life.
  • Valentine’s is Cancelled.

Kpop inspired Names.

  • Forever Young.
  • How You Like That?
  • Look at you now look at me.
  • I just wanna taste it, make it hot.
  • Cause I’m in the stars tonight.
  • Got me feelin’ so good.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself.
  • Set the night alight.
  • Shining through the city with a little funk and soul.
  • I’m only playing, no hard feelings.
  • Let’s kill this Love.
  • We are the Lovesick Girls.
  • Feel my vibe.

Back to School Names.

  • Got the whole class staring.
  • Nothing much, just studying on my phone.
  • Homework is boring.
  • Don’t break the rules, break a bone.
  • The dorm-life.
  • Me and my amigos.
  • Pizza night.
  • Dressed extra pretty.
  • I just got out of class.
  • Final day of the semester.
  • School is hard.
  • Not in my space.

Dark Humour Names

  • Where are my friends?
  • Campus party.
  • It’s the weekend.
  • I knew you gonna hate.
  • But why are we still looking for love?
  • Don’t call me your other half.
  • I’m the shizzle.
  • The cherry-on-top.
  • Nice seeing you here.
  • You only talk about my numbers.
  • A dreamer is never bored.
  • Keeping you in mind.
  • Good vibes only.

So, feeling inspired yet? Remember, Creativity is Key!

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