Best Discord Music Bots

Discord has taken over all other platforms to be the one people use worldwide for communication. Jason Citron, the founder of Discord, made it more than a text/audio chat service through the use of servers.

With a good quantity of servers for everyone to join, people can find servers pertaining to whatever they require. From gaming to education and music, etc.; Discord’s got it all. With over 140 million active monthly users in 2021 and more than 6.7 million active servers, it is imperative that people needed new features to play music on their own servers.

It is with this intent that many developers started making music bots. But you already know all of this right? If you’ve come here looking for the right music bot for your own server, we’re here to present before you your best options.

5 best Music Bots on Discord.

1) Fredboat

Fredboat- Discord Music boat

One of the most secure and open source Discord Music bots, Fredboat is a bot that is widely used by users to play music on their servers. It is very easy to invite the bot on your server, and it requires no extra configuration once invited.

It has an excess of features, songs can be played easily by only entering commands. What sets it apart from other bots is its search facility. The music bot allows you to search for the songs you want to listen to, without requiring any external link.

It displays a total of 5 options for each search, helping you to select the correct song according to your requirement. Even without this feature, it supports all major music streaming apps such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, direct links, Twitch, and more.

2) Octave

Octace-  Discord Music boat

Octave is a free to use music bot on Discord that also has a multitude of premium features. As a free bot, Octave performs all the usual features that music bots generally perform. You can pause, play, queue and add playlists etc. What’s more is that you can also vote on songs, if a song is disliked by multiple users, it is skipped.

If you choose to upgrade to premium, you’ll get to unlock additional features such as volume, filters, bass boost, unlimited custom playlists, with longer track lengths and queue sizes. Sounds like a lot? All this comes at a deal of $5/month. Still not satisfied? Check out their $10 option. You won’t be disappointed.

3) MEE6

Mee6-  Discord Music boat

MEE6 is mainly a server moderation bot, but it also comes with wide music facilities. What makes it unique is that you can control what you play through an online dashboard. You will not need to open the discord app to change your songs or edit queues, just use the visual player.

 It is hassle free and an all-in-one option for admins that do not want to overcrowd their server. All these excellent services come at a cost of $11.95/month. There are also assortments of plans to make it more user-friendly.

4) Hydra

Hydra-  Discord Music boat

Hydra Discord bot is another easy-to-access bot, featuring a wide spectrum of platform availability. It is compatible with YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, or Bandcamp.

The app lets you look up lyrics and song information along with the regular features of adding and removing from the queue, shuffle, replay and others.

The premium version is very affordable, costing at $1.99/month, and includes extra features such as volume control, audio effects, 24/7 playback, and unlimited saved playlists. The premium is available to purchase for either an individual user or a server.

5) ChillBot

Chillbot-  Discord Music boat

ChillBot is different from all the other music bots on this list but is still a valuable addition as it acts as a 24/7 radio service, playing lo-fi beats that are appropriate for both gaming and working.

Though you don’t get the option for adding your own playlist, you can still easily play/pause music on demand. Sometimes, all we need is someone to make our decisions for us right? Let this bot make your music choices, just sit back and enjoy.

In conclusion, we hope you find the perfect Discord music bot for your server. We know about both the importance and tediousness of finding a perfect music bot, so we’ve compiled only the best. Happy finding!

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