How To Survive The Winter: Our Gameplan

During winter a lot of people get not only cold but also bored.

That is why you should try bookmaker odds. But there is more what not to do in winter. You should avoid heating wrong. Heating correctly. When heating, make sure not to set your thermostat too high.

These days, the home becomes a place of retreat, the bed a warming cave. But when we want to create a comfortable indoor climate with the help of the heating, we often make some mistakes – and they waste money and energy unnecessarily.

For example, it is counterproductive from the point of view of energy consumption to switch off the heating for a longer period of time and then warm it up again – turning down the radiator thermostat a little is enough.

Fans of the other extreme, namely turning up the heating to full blast, are also on the wrong track. Because that causes per degree Celsius more about six per cent higher heating costs and costs still in addition enormously much energy.

How To Survive The Winter

In order not to obstruct the heating of the room, you should not cover the radiator with pieces of furniture or other objects. Drying wet laundry on the radiator also disturbs the effect of the radiator. In addition, the increased humidity makes it easier for mold to form.


Freshly fallen snow is still easy to shovel away.

Shoveling snow is a nuisance, but necessary to prevent accidents at your doorstep. A more practical-seeming but problematic measure against icy roads, on the other hand, is the use of road salt – because it harms the environment and animals. The aggressive salt damages plants in the ground, can get into bodies of water with the melt water and cause inflammations in the paws of four-legged friends.

If grit is absolutely necessary, then it is better to use grit without salt and with the “Blue Angel” eco-label. The most ecological approach, however, is and remains to clear the snow at an early stage.

One snow mistake that children in particular make is to eat it. Even freshly fallen flakes should not be eaten in large quantities, because snow – just like rain – can absorb pollutants from the air.

On the ground, it eventually pollutes further through exhaust particles, animal excrement or road salt. So it’s better to form snowballs and snowmen and drink warm tea at home – it tastes much better anyway.

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Ventilate properly and avoid mold. You can avoid mold by drying properly. As nice as a warm room is, you need to air it out every now and then to let in fresh oxygen and prevent mold.

However, many people make the mistake of opening the window too seldom and too briefly in winter: two to four times a day for five to a maximum of ten minutes is ideal – this prevents mold from forming and the room from cooling down too much.

What many people don’t think about in everyday life: It is important to turn off the heating completely when airing. Otherwise, you’re heating “out the window” and wasting energy.

Afterwards, it is not necessary to turn up the heating even more than before, because the thermostat quickly adjusts the temperature again by itself.

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You’ve finally dragged yourself out of the cozy bed, even though it’s still dark and unspeakably cold outside. The temptation to get in the car and drive the short distance to work is great. But short distances in particular consume a lot of fuel and wear out individual vehicle parts more quickly – and unfortunately, this applies to every season.

You can continue to use your bike in winter – but with winter tires. Even if it’s hard: it’s better for the environment – and thanks to the extra portion of fresh air also for you – to walk (wrapped up warmly) or get on your bike. The bike can also be equipped with winter tires for use in snow and ice.

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