YouTube Not Working – How To Fix and Watch Videos

Youtube is one of the most popular videos sharing website by Google having millions of videos and billions of users. YouTube not working correctly is one of the frequencies that cause disturbances. Occasionally you are alone with this Youtube Not working in Chrome.

To assist you to fix those errors we’ll explain your YouTube is not working and how to repair Fullscreen doesn’t work on YouTube in Chrome when YouTube does not open on PC, iPhone, Android, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, and other devices. If you’re using the app, you might need to upgrade it. Your YouTube app might be faulty since you have not updated your device. The existing YouTube app isn’t going to work on particular device models from 2012 and older.

To avert any issues later on, keep your browser updated and make sure that you’re using the newest edition of Flash. The web browser isn’t available on the affected devices. You might also want to verify your browser was upgraded to its most recent version. If something isn’t checked here, that means your browser is quite old and should be updated. In a case wherever your default browser isn’t playing YouTube videos, consider downloading a various mobile browser like Google Chrome. You can try this short videos app like tiktok while youtube is not working.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working

YouTube users in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil are currently the principal ones reporting that the website isn’t working for them. The interface is built to be quite trustworthy. You will first have to enable your device to install apps from different sources rather than google play. You may also try out restarting your device to provide you with a fresh start. If you would like your device to work at optimal performance, you will need to make sure that you have the newest system updates.

You’re able to download the most recent version of Java here. Make sure to have the most recent edition of Adobe Flash Player. Don’t be afraid to update YouTube if there’s a new version available. Clear the temporary cache and cookies on your browser to be certain you have the latest variant of the internet page.

Try out each method until the issue is resolved. Where there’s an iPhone problem, there’s a restart. If you are not, you’ve just found the issue. If you have issues accessing the video provider, then server status updates may be found by other people below, or in spite of the same error and problems you’re seeing. When there is an issue with the video drivers, the error may happen. Repeat the step mentioned above when you face the same YouTube Not Working problem. The latter problem is a bit more challenging to fix. Many smartphone-related problems are fixed by restarting a gadget.

Google does a fantastic job of keeping YouTube up and running, but there are a couple of common problems that can interrupt your services. If you may access a website at the office or from a 3G network yet it is not working on your computer; it’s a great idea to use an alternate DNS service aside from your ISPs. It isn’t clear what’s deciding whether the website and app are working or not. A social media site is quite simple to use.

Internet Connection

If you do not have a fast Internet Connection to watch movies on YouTube, then you will observe constant streaming and choppy playback. YouTube urges a minimum connection speed of 500+Kbps to see videos. Close down any other programs for high bandwidth.

Browser Issues

Updating your browser to the most recent version, upgrading the plugins installed on it, disabling extensions which could be inconsistent with YouTube and emptying your browser cookies and cache may all help solve problems with YouTube.

Security Problem

Sometimes due to firewall or a different safety tool, Youtube access is blocked. Update your firewall and other security applications.

Method 1: Close Chrome Using Task Manager

1. First force closed Google Chrome and then restart it.

2. To do this, open Task manager from Taskbar > Right Click and Task Manager.

3. Right-Click on Google Chrome > Click on End Task.

7. Restart Chrome.

Method 2: Configure Settings in Chrome

1. Open Chrome > Settings.

2. Show advanced settings.

3. Scroll to System > Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.

4. Restart Chrome.

Method 3: Clear the Cache

1. Open Chrome > Tools > More Tools > Clear browsing data.

2. Restart Chrome and check if youtube is working or not.

Hope you liked this guide on how to Fix YouTube Not Working Issue in Google Chrome and Other Browsers. Comment below if you need any help.

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